tea party

Written by G.J Campbell                                   Directed by Hayley Beattie                          Produced by Eleanor Berry-Martland

After waking up disorientated in a strange greenhouse, Jesse begins to fear his life is in danger. He finds disturbing experiments, plants growing out of limbs, and an eerie tea room waiting for him. He scrabbles to escape, before he meets the same fate. 

I was the production design assistant for this film, which involved searching for, ordering and curating props. We collated props we owned, ordered and ones we secured from a prop house, and these all had to be organised to ensure the right props went home with their rightful owners. We aimed to create a disordered apothecary, organised chaos, a reflection of the mind of a deranged botanist, everything hap-hazard yet blooming. We also added a feminine touch to the tea room, which subvert many tropes of killers in film, the woman in the greenhouse can be feminine and dangerous simultaneously. Before shooting, I went with the props to set and began dressing with the rest of the art department.