a cabin by the sea

Written by Dylan Stevens                                            Directed by Anna McKenzie                                  Produced by Izzie Gough

A Cabin by the Sea follows George, an ageing artist who spends every day in his crumbling art shop, paintings going unsold and the dust gradually building. When a glamorous woman, Vivian, suddenly enters and offers to pay thousands for a specific painting, it's hard to resist. However, he's filled with deep regret once he lets the painting go, and chases after it. 


I have very fond memories of directing this project. At the time, it was the biggest project I'd directed and was my first time working with professional actors instead of students. I learned a lot about character motivation and blocking of actors in particular, as we were shooting in a very confined space. This was also the first project of mine that required extensive production design (designed by Sian Edwards) and I love the final look of the film. Like George himself, the set is disordered yet warm, in need of care and attention. I loved the premise of two characters meeting, likely never to meet again, yet having life-changing affects on the other's life. Suddenly, these two opposite people converge and after their interaction, are forever changed.